Increase your online ad effectiveness with traffic guidance!

Get actionable solutions on managing your Facebook ads - according to your goals.

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We combine experts' knowledge with the power of AI.

Interactive analytics of your ad campaigns.

With Advisus, you can get professional guidance and expert solutions on increasing your ad effectiveness and reaching your marketing and business goals.

Smart Graphs

Smart Graphs: specially prepared hand-crafted charts indicating specific traffic issues.

Traffic guidance

regular actionable suggestions on managing your online ads.
No bullshit. Just practical tips about your campaigns.

How to start using Advisus?

3 simple steps:

  • We are keeping a close eye on your campaigns with Smart Graphs
  • The Smart graphs are helping you and us to get most relevant ad data for optimizing your ad performance
  • You are getting weekly reports with actionable suggestions on how to reach your goals faster.

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What does our service enable?

Weekly personal consultation

Our expert team and AI will monitor the effectiveness data of your ad campaigns and create the best solutions for achieving your selected objectives.

We are exclusively result-oriented.

Raise an average bill, reduce CAC, lower the price for any conversion, or scale a campaign. We can help you achieve the goals at any level.

Create reports in charts separately

Generate reports in charts to monitor your ad campaigns within the interface. We have also prepared the ready-made templates for you that will help you control the performance dynamics in different views.

How it works?

Demo request
After the demo request and first introduction,
we’ll show you an actual process of our service’s work
Approval of the set goals.
You can select a business or marketing goal from the list,
or you can form a goal individually
Add connectors
Specify the advertising networks, where the ad activity is performed,
for the display and joint monitoring of performance data
Creation of interactive reports
According to the set goals, we will create a monitoring system for your advertising campaigns as the graphical widgets,
which we will use to give you the weekly recommendations
Get weekly recommendations
Based on the notification feed, we’ll be sending you the lists of recommendations that you need to
follow to achieve the set goals and increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns